Greetings from; ThetaTeeth!

If you are here, this means you are a Theta network, NFT or simply a crypto enthusiast, who wants to be a part of a greater and better community of like-minded individuals. If this is true, than you've come to the right place, as our project(s) is just about all that. We are eager and much excited to bring a transparent, community-driven NFT collection with elements of DeFi, all based on Theta network blockchain. Regardless of your purpose, whether it is to become a part of a growing Theta community, get involved in NFT projects or to simply financially prosper and have access to cool things - we've got you covered. Check our collection Sneak Peak and get your lucky tooth today!

About ThetaTeeth

In ancient times hunters used to wear teeth as a token or pendant around their necks or wrists. Nowadays, we don’t really mind our own teeth until they start causing problems. Some people neglect them, others use them to express themselves. One thing we at ThetaTeeth know for sure - teeth is what we all have in common as well as our love for Theta blockchain. We want to share our love and introduce Theta blockchain and its community to people in crypto space. It’s important to stay safe in crypto environment and it’s important to look after your teeth, so, these two things are going to come along nicely in our journey. ThetaTeeth is a pilot project of a recently founded studio SkeletonArts. The main goal is to create a community that can enjoy art created by the like-minded people. Moreover, our members will be able to take part in the art creation process in our future projects. And we already have 2 in mind!

  • ThetaTeeth is a collection of 3232 NFTs
  • Built on Theta blockchain

“Life is short, so smile while you still have teeth”


The roadmap is a short and sweet explanation of the stages to come in this project. Our goal is to build a community of Theta and NFT participants by providing amazing financial benefits, 'cool guys club' access to future projects and some surprising collaborations, as well as to invite, support and encourage the newbies of the crypto-world.

Phase 1

  • Social media announcements & info, more sneakpeaks
  • Participation in online Q&As;, discussing plans for the future
  • Formation of the 'OGs' members on social media for the future airdrops, community-based activities etc
  • Whitelist sale

Phase 2

  • By-stage sale with amazing rewards for the 'early birds'
  • Surprise airdrops and community-based activities with rewards

Phase 3

  • Open and OG-exclusive podcasts
  • Auction of some unique NFTs
  • Surprise attribute-based airdrops
  • Surprise airdrops of other valuable NFT projects

Phase 4

  • Exclusive marketing for value appreciation
  • Special minting of unique NFTs for all members (subject to a minimal collection)
  • Airdrop of 5 theme-based, very valuable souvenirs with free shipping anywhere
  • Announcement of the next stage project & exclusive access for the holders
  • Collaborations, podcasts & more!

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